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Photo by Erica Claycomb

James Mayer Riverswalk

One of the more obvious benefits to living and working in the Johnstown area is the region’s access to nature at its finest. The Alleghenies are filled with bicycle paths, trails for hiking and an uncounted variety of outdoor destinations and activities.

A trip outdoors doesn’t have to be a major excursion. Sometimes a little time on a small path can be just what the doctor ordered. So it is with the James Mayer Riverswalk. This trail, named after an area attorney who was dedicated to preserving the region’s natural resources, connects Johnstown’s Moxham neighborhood with the village of Riverside in Stonycreek Township.

Generally designated as an “easy” trail, the James Mayer Riverswalk is approximately a mile-and-a-half of generally level trail, with a crushed limestone surface. Convenient access, easy terrain and a gentle surface make it an ideal destination for a walk with a friend or a short bicycle ride that even young children can easily tackle.

Access and parking are available at each end of the trail. From the Moxham end, follow Central Avenue to Bridge Street; the entrance is located on the left, just before the Ferndale Bridge. From Riverside, access is found off of Eisenhower Boulevard, just across the Stonycreek River from Ferndale Boulevard. Turn southeast off of Eisenhower Boulevard onto Michigan Avenue. Continuing on Michigan Avenue the street becomes a dirt road, which leads directly to the parking area.

Visit the trail’s page on the Cambria County Conservation & Recreation Authority website for more information.


  1. Barbara Havrilla

    Very nice!! We didn’t know about the James Mayer Riverwalk-may give it a try soon. Congratulations on this great new website on Johnstown.

  2. Stephanie Carroll

    Thanks for posting this, I didn’t know about it either. I checked it out last weekend and it was very nice, keep up the great work, I am checking this site regularly for new things to do!