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Westwood Plaza Theatre & Café

These days we’re all more likely to catch a movie in the comfort of our own living room than to pack up and head to a theatre. You can stretch out; you can get comfortable; you can dine on fare outside of the typical popcorn, candy and soft drinks.

Of course, Johnstowners know that another way to get all of that and more is to visit the Westwood Plaza Theatre & Café.

Long-known as one of the area’s best movie-going experiences, this theater is unique in that they have replaced every other row of seats with a table suitable for propping your feet during the film, or holding your selection from their diverse menu. And the menu? Well, that’s a story in its own right. Standard movie staples are readily available, but this concession area (a full café, actually) holds its own when it comes to area eateries.

Hollywood-themed menu selections range from the “Last Action Gyro” (a delicious take on the Greek classic), to the heart-stopping “John Belushi” (a hefty chili burger), to the lovely “Marilyn Monroe” (a thinly sliced grilled chicken sandwich), to so much more.

Sound delicious, but you don’t have time for dinner and a movie? The Westwood Plaza Theatre and Café offers carry-out during their operating hours, making it a great option for lunch or dinner.

With long-standing specials like “The Great Cheap Date”, the Westwood Plaza Theatre and Café has a reputation for being a great place to go on a first date. Word has it that it’s a pretty good choice for date 500, too.

The Westwood Plaza Theatre and Café is located at 1910 Minno Drive, Johnstown (click here for a map). You can learn more by calling (814) 255-2116 or by visiting their Web site,

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  1. David Miller

    was interested in history of open air theatres including
    west mont’s mountain top outside drive in where westwood
    plaza sites now was told dated back to 1955 if there any
    records of it or photos available since then thatone may
    possible get hold of beings the photo lost that our folk
    s and family had of it is long gone if in fact that was
    the one in Johnstown where relatives and family lived &-
    work espec, up at westwood plaza am told also looked on
    line can’t find any mention of it any where to show of-
    its e x sistance in days gone by except in one book only
    if is right or wrong on such matters also over.
    will be waiting for reply & still searching in mean-
    time. to whom may concern thanks have great day bye.