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Frightmare Haunted House

The leaves turn and the temperature drops and skulls, ghosts and goblins begin popping up in the unlikeliest of places. Another October draws to a close and, just like everywhere, Johnstowners are looking for a good, friendly scare. Fortunately, opportunities for just such entertainment are all around the Johnstown, PA area.

Each year, on the final four days of October, Frightmare Studios presents a haunted house that is sure to rank as one of the top Halloween experiences for all of their visitors.

Now in its 17th year, the Frightmare Haunted House has evolved from an elaborate yard display into a dark labyrinth of eerie scenes and macabre surprises. A dedicated team of actors apply their talents to create a delightfully frightening experience for their guests.

“Again this year there’s a lot of buzz about it,” says John Billick, who heads up the annual effort. “We always have a large number that come back year after year.”

The haunted house is open to visitors of all ages, with the intensity tailored to the age of the touring group. Still, parents with young children are encouraged to inform the gate staff that they would like the actors to dial things down to ensure the trip through the black corridors is the appropriate level for their party.

Located at 210 Arch Street, Johnstown, PA (click here for a map) in Upper Yoder Township (two blocks away from the Goucher Street Giant Eagle), the Frightmare Haunted House is open to the public from 7:30PM until approximately 11:00PM on October 28th, 29th, 30th and 31st. Guests should allow for 5-10 minutes to experience the exhibit.

While there isn’t a set admission fee, a suggested donation of $5 is requested. According to Mr. Billick, “the $5 isn’t mandatory, but it really goes a long way towards helping with the next year’s expenses”.

The haunted house is located in a residential neighborhood, which presents its own challenges. Parking is quite limited, so visitors may need to find a place to park and then walk to the exhibit. There is a steep flight of stairs leading to the exhibit that somewhat limits accessibility. It’s also important to show the neighbors respect (avoid turning around in residents’ driveways, limiting noise, etc.). And how do the neighbors feel about all of this? “They love it,” says Mr. Billick. “They think it’s a great thing for the kids.”

Learn more about the Frightmare Studios by visiting or

Visit the Do Johnstown “Halloween” Flickr set for a sneak peek of the display.

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