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Art Works in Johnstown

Our local arts community is on the rise, and one of the places this is most apparent is Art Works in Johnstown. Located right next door to the Bottle Works Ethnic Arts Center (which operates it), Art Works functions as a gallery, artist studios, gallery shop, special events venue and more.

The ever-changing gallery shows are free to the public. In addition to the gallery shows, Art Works offers art programs and classes, yoga classes, dance classes, occasional concerts, and much more.

A beautifully appointed gallery shop features work of local artisans — jewelry, photography, textiles, decorative housewares like stained glass and wood items — and is a great place to purchase a unique gift. So whether you are interested in seeing, buying or making art, Art Works has something to offer.

Art Works is located at 413 Third Avenue, Suite 100 in Johnstown’s Cambria City neighborhood. Click here for a map.

For more information about upcoming programming at the Art Works, visit the Bottle Works website. Upcoming events are listed on the Do Johnstown calendar, and can also be found on the Bottleworks/Art Works Facebook Page.

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