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The Path of the Flood Trail

There are, of course, many sites around Johnstown that commemorate the historic flood of 1889 and one of the most immersive of these is the Path of the Flood Trail. What could be more hands-on than walking or biking the exact path that the waters took as they bounded through our area?

Of course, the path is no longer surrounded by destruction, as it was when the flood rushed in. The path instead is lined by scenic views and the city of Johnstown as we know it today. Several memorials dedicated to the flood can also be found along the path as well. For a more informed hike, you can take along a brochure from the Pennsylvania Environmental Council that specifies points of interest along the path and their importance in the tragedy of 1889. Click here to download the brochure and map.

The Path of the Flood Trail is limestone surfaced rail trail open to non-motorized traffic, and can be easily biked or hiked, though there are a few small grades. The ends of the trail also include on-road routes.

The Path of the Flood trail extends from the Johnstown Flood Museum in downtown Johnstown to a trailhead in Ehrenfield Park. There are also trailheads located at the Staple Bend Tunnel parking lot and near Mineral Point.

For more information or to be put on their email newsletter list, call (814) 472-2110 or visit the trail’s page on the Pennsylvania Environmental Council website or the TrailLink website.