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Photo courtesy of Ebensburg Borough

Lake Rowena

Located off Route 22 near Ebensburg, Lake Rowena is a serene, 13-acre lake that offers year-round recreation, and is a popular fishing hole. In fact, the PA Fish & Boat Program stocks the lake with adult trout once preseason, twice in-season, once in the fall, and once in the late winter. Other species present in the lake include bass, bluegill and crappie.

The lake was originally constructed more than 200 years ago to provide water for the Shenkle Gristmill, and was sold several times in the early 1900s. The dam was destroyed in the flood of 1936, but was reconstructed in 1950. Today it is owned by the Ebensburg Borough and is used for recreation.

Being relatively shallow at just 15 feet, Lake Rowena is one of the first area lakes to freeze in winter – making it a popular location for cold-weather pursuits such as ice skating and even ice fishing, although the Borough doesn’t officially organize such events.

“You can see the ice fishermen’s huts out on the lake when the ice has gotten thick,” explains the Director of Recreation, Matt Pfeil. “But anyone who ventures out onto the lake in winter does so at their own risk.”

Most of the lake is easily accessed from the bank. Fishermen can access the lake from the bank in all seasons, or use a motorized boat in warmer months. A relatively new dock is wheelchair-accessible.

A popular, two-mile walking trail encircles the lake, allowing visitors to enjoy the woods and the water view. The trailhead is located in the parking lot along Lakeview Road.

Amenities near the lake include a roller hockey rink, which is used for league play as well as pick-up games. A nearby baseball field is used by youth leagues. Three picnic pavilions seat approximately 60 people each, and may be rented from the borough.

To inquire about Lake Rowena or to rent a picnic pavilion, please call 814-472-4277 or click here.

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