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Do Johnstown Presents: Let’s Do Lunch, an illustrated guide to local lunch spots

Today we are proud to bring you Let’s Do Lunch, a downloadable guide to lunch spots all over town. The illustrated guide includes the neighborhood, street, a quick description, and general price range for each of the 36 restaurants featured — as well as a quick list of area pizzerias.

When choosing which to include, we tried to emphasize non-chain establishments that feature popular weekday lunch menus, avoiding those that are better-known as bars or nightspots. But in some cases this was a tough judgement call, and it’s impossible to include every restaurant the Johnstown area has to offer — so we ask for your understanding if you don’t see your favorite!

This is just one of the big things going on here at Prime Design Solutions, the Johnstown-based marketing agency that created and maintains Do Johnstown as a public service. For example, you may have noticed the new Do Johnstown logo, which is the first step in a total redesign of the site. We’ll tell you more about that in the near future.

In the meantime, click on the link below to download the guide! We encourage you to post it on your company’s bulletin board, or keep it for personal use anytime you’re looking for inspiration on where to go for a bite.

Let’s do lunch!