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Photo courtesy of Brian M. Powell

Seldom Seen Tourist Mine

Journey into Pennsylvania’s past and experience the life of a coal miner at the Seldom Seen Tourist Mine, in Patton, PA.

Formerly known as Chest Creek One, the modest, family-owned mine opened in 1939 with mule haulage and an electric pump. A locomotive was installed in 1943, and the mine shipped approximately 20,000 tons of coal each year in the 1940s. Production peaked for the mine in 1951 at about 33,538 tons. That year the mine had 37 employees, the most it ever had. After the Korean War, the need for coal sharply declined, and the mine’s production dwindled until 1963, when it stopped shipping coal altogether. Fortunately, the mine owners had the idea of opening the mine for tourism.

Today, the Seldom Seen Mine is a relatively intact and complete mining site, but it’s small enough for tourists to see the entire process of mining coal. The underground guided tours are conducted by former miners eager to share their personal experiences with you. Guests don hard hats and ride a small locomotive down into the mine, where they see original coal-mining structures and equipment.

The mine is open for tours from May to October, and each tour is around two hours long. The mine is located right off of Route 36. Visitor hours are seasonal and somewhat limited — for details, visit the Seldom Seen Mine’s website for the lastest information.