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DJ Presents: Beat the Heat, an illustrated guide to summer fun

Do Johnstown has ideas on ways you can beat the heat during the hottest days of summer! Our downloadable Beat the Heat infographic features indoor and outdoor places you can go to cool off. Our choices range from the obvious — the movies, the mall — to places that might be a little more obscure, like cool caves in our region. Museums are great indoor places to go to stay cool, or you might take a dip in a pool, lake, river or even a natural waterslide. Each featured location includes an address and a quick description.

Beat the Heat is the second in our planned series of downloadable infographics — our first, Let’s Do Lunch, premiered in January of this year.. To help you find current and past infographics, a new downloads page has been added to this site, as well as a new infographics category in our blog posts. We plan to add a new infographic three times a year.

So please — click on the link below to download our newest infographic, and get out there and do Johnstown this summer.

Beat the Heat!