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Jenny Drummey performing at the Roxbury Bandshell.


Since 2009, Do Johnstown has been the most complete and accurate guide to things to do in Johnstown, PA. Unlike most other area calendars of events, Do Johnstown does not require membership in a sponsoring organization for events to be included, and our site makes it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Every month, thousands of people turn to our user-friendly site to find out what’s happening — from live performances to festivals to art shows to outdoor outings and so much more. Our team scours every available resource, collecting details on all of the region’s happenings, to create a concise events listing that people in our region rely on.

The calendar of events is the heart of our site, but we also have an archive of articles about places to visit and things to do, including attractions, parks, annual events, venues and more. This searchable archive of articles is a terrific resource for Johnstown-area families and visitors to our region alike.

The ever-changing content on our site is supplemented by our active and robust social media network. We connect with thousands of subscribers through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and email marketing, helping people maximize their recreational time in the place we call home.

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Please note that all advertising appears at the approval of the Do Johnstown editors, and we reserve the right to reject any message.