Do Johnstown Things to do in and around Johnstown, PA.

Photo courtesy of Robert Packer

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  1. Shawnee State Park

    If you enjoy the great outdoors, take a trip to Shawnee State Park, one of Pennsylvania’s many scenic state parks, located in Bedford County. The 3,983-acre state park offers a variety of activities for those seeking adventure, or simply a peaceful spot to relax and enjoy the sun.

  2. Prince Gallitzin State Park

    Prince Gallitzin State Park is centered around Glendale Lake, a man-made body of water with 26 miles of shoreline. At the time of its 1965 dedication, the 6,249-acre park was one of Pennsylvania’s largest, and is still enormously popular. Located in northern Cambria County, the park has something to offer boaters, swimmers, bikers, campers, hunters, horseback […]

  3. Eliza Furnace

    This region is known for its rich Industrial Revolution history in the development of the iron and steel industry. Johnstown’s massive Cambria Iron Company was founded in 1852, and by 1858 had grown to become one of the nation’s largest producers of rails — and later, would become known for several technological breakthroughs in the […]

  4. The Abandoned Turnpike: Pike-to-Bike

    The Abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike hasn’t seen car traffic since 1968 – but it’s experiencing new life as a pike-to-bike trail. The 13-mile stretch of road runs parallel to the modern turnpike, from Breezewood stretching east, and has a fascinating history as “America’s Only Abandoned Superhighway.” Officially the road isn’t open, and ATVs, dirt bikes, and […]

  5. Hoodlebug Trail

    The Hoodlebug Trail is one of our region’s increasing number of rails-to-trails outdoor recreational assets. Open year-round for non-motorized recreation, including hiking, biking and cross-country skiing, the 10-mile trail runs from Blacklick to Indiana, Pennsylvania. For much of its distance, it parallels US Route 119.

  6. The Path of the Flood Trail

    There are, of course, many sites around Johnstown that commemorate the historic flood of 1889 and one of the most immersive of these is the Path of the Flood Trail. What could be more hands-on than walking or biking the exact path that the waters took as they bounded through our area?

  7. James Mayer Riverswalk

    One of the more obvious benefits to living and working in the Johnstown area is the region’s access to nature at its finest. The Alleghenies are filled with bicycle paths, trails for hiking and an uncounted variety of outdoor destinations and activities. A trip outdoors doesn’t have to be a major excursion. Sometimes a little […]