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Hoodlebug Trail

Published Tuesday, March 25th, 2014

Photo Courtesy of Indiana County Parks & Trails

The Hoodlebug Trail is one of our region’s increasing number of rails-to-trails outdoor recreational assets. Open year-round for non-motorized recreation, including hiking, biking and cross-country skiing, the 10-mile trail runs from Blacklick to Indiana, Pennsylvania. For much of its distance, it parallels US Route 119.


Duman Lake County Park

Published Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013

Whether you are interested in spending the day lakeside, picnicking, boating, fishing or camping, Duman Lake County Park located in northwestern Cambria County offers the perfect place to experience the outdoors and enjoy the summer weather. “When you enter the gates at Duman Lake County Park, be ready to spend an old-fashioned fun filled day,” says the county’s website. (more…)

Johnstown Inclined Plane and Asiago’s Restaurant

Published Friday, January 20th, 2012

A signature of Johnstown’s landscape for many years has been the Inclined Plane. Originally built for commuters after the 1889 flood, the world’s steepest vehicular incline still offers transportation to local residents, but now offers itself as a destination for visitors and locals alike. Whether you’re looking for a bit of history, a pleasant view or something to eat, a trip to the top of the Incline is a great way to spend part of your day in town. (more…)

Lost Turkey Trail

Published Monday, June 27th, 2011

Photograph courtesy of Jon Dawson

Our area’s forests and parks offer trails for outdoor enthusiasts of all abilities and interests. From those out for a casual stroll or bike ride to those looking for a longer, more challenging hike. The Lost Turkey Trail can offer something for everyone in this spectrum. For casual hikers, consider traveling a small section of this 26 mile trail, perhaps starting at the southwestern trailhead where you can hike along Pot Ridge. The more experienced, adventurous hiker can attempt to take on the trail in its entirety. (more…)

The Path of the Flood Trail

Published Friday, February 25th, 2011

There are, of course, many sites around Johnstown that commemorate the historic flood of 1889 and one of the most immersive of these is the Path of the Flood Trail. What could be more hands-on than walking or biking the exact path that the waters took as they bounded through our area?


Ghost Town Trail

Published Thursday, October 29th, 2009

The crisp, cool weather of fall in Pennsylvania has already set in. It’s a great time to go for a long walk or bike ride – a final glimpse of the autumn colors and a final chance to enjoy the outdoors without needing to think about snow boots and gloves. And what could be more appropriate for the dwindling autumn season than the Ghost Town Trail?

With 36 miles of gravel trail, and many access points throughout the area, the trail is well-equipped for a casual afternoon bike ride or an all-day hike. The trail is one of many rail trails in our region, having been converted from the railways once connecting company towns, furnaces, and mines that have since been abandoned. Though little remains of these towns today, a walk down the trail is still a walk through western Pennsylvania’s industrial past.


James Mayer Riverwalk

Published Friday, May 8th, 2009

One of the more obvious benefits to living and working in the Johnstown area is the region’s access to nature at its finest. The Alleghenies are filled with bicycle paths, trails for hiking and an uncounted variety of outdoor destinations and activities.

A trip outdoors doesn’t have to be a major excursion. Sometimes a little time on a small path can be just what the doctor ordered. So it is with the James Mayer Riverwalk. This trail, named after an area attorney who was dedicated to preserving the region’s natural resources, connects Johnstown’s Moxham neighborhood with the village of Riverside in Stonycreek Township.