Do Johnstown Things to do in and around Johnstown, PA.

Photo by Phil Balko. Courtesy of JAHA.

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  1. Path of the Flood Historic Races

    Last year marked the 125th anniversary of the Johnstown flood, and the Johnstown Area Heritage Association (JAHA), National Park Service, and several other partners came together to present a variety of special events to commemorate the occasion. One of the most popular events was a half marathon and 5K on the Path of the Flood Trail, […]

  2. Commemoration of the 125th Anniversary of the Johnstown Flood

    On May 31, 1889, an earthen dam in South Fork broke, unleashing a flood wave that would destroy virtually everything in its path and claim 2,209 victims. The weekend of May 30-June 1, 2014, Johnstown will come together to remember the great flood, and celebrate our community. “The Johnstown flood of 1889 had a major […]

  3. The Stone Bridge

    The Stone Bridge has been a fixture in Johnstown since the late 1800s. This seven-arch bridge was originally built by the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1887. During the Johnstown Flood of 1889, 100,000 tons of debris got caught up in the bridge and caused a massive fire, which killed scores of flood survivors who were trapped […]

  4. Grandview Cemetery

    Grandview Cemetery was named in 1885 for the “Grand View” of Johnstown that it provides. The history of Grandview has always been tied to the city of Johnstown, both through its tragedies and its triumphant moments. Though perhaps best known for the flood memorial, Grandview Cemetery is also home to several other important historical monuments–these structures […]

  5. The Path of the Flood Trail

    There are, of course, many sites around Johnstown that commemorate the historic flood of 1889 and one of the most immersive of these is the Path of the Flood Trail. What could be more hands-on than walking or biking the exact path that the waters took as they bounded through our area?