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  1. DJ Presents: Around the World in 20 Dishes

    In the latest of our series of infographics, Do Johnstown is proud to present Around the World in 20 Dishes! It’s a selection of ethnic dishes from around the world that are served in restaurants in Johnstown. The list is, of course, non-comprehensive — you can probably name a half-dozen excellent local restaurants that serve Italian specialties, for […]

  2. Do Johnstown Presents: Let’s Do Lunch, an illustrated guide to local lunch spots

    Today we are proud to bring you Let’s Do Lunch, a downloadable guide to lunch spots all over town. The illustrated guide includes the neighborhood, street, a quick description, and general price range for each of the 36 restaurants featured — as well as a quick list of area pizzerias. When choosing which to include, we tried to emphasize non-chain establishments that feature popular weekday lunch menus, avoiding […]